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Indian Spices and Food creates a special place in international world due to its aroma, taste and awesome preparation techniques. Indian food is quite famous nearly all over the world. In Australia, you will find a variety of Indian restaurants. Therefore, it is difficult to choose the best Indian restaurants in Australia. Here I have done a brief analysis of Indian restaurants in the Australian city of Melbourne.

To get the data related to restaurants we use the Zomato API. Zomato is a restaurant search engine and online review platform that allows people to evaluate a restaurant before they visit…

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Finding an apartment in Melbourne and its suburbs can be a very challenging task if you are new to the city. I faced the same problem when I moved to Melbourne a year ago. The most common practice that people follow is to search online for an apartment. As I was searching online for a house, the thought of web scraping just came to my mind. So I decided to do 2 things :

1) Web scrape and store data regarding available properties in and around Melbourne.

2) Plot the data on a geographic map of Melbourne to get a…

Rohan dogra

Data science enthusiast

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